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Welcome to seeds, a show where we talk about purpose with inspiring people making a positive impact with their lives.  We are particularly interested in social enterprises and entrepreneurs.  We listen to them reflect on their journeys and take time to dig deeper in order to better understand what really motivates their choices. 

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A few articles I've written recently on why social enterprise matters here, discussing the idea of new legal structures here, on Maoritanga and its lessons for social enterprises here, how it relates to charity here and 5 key questions for social enterprises here and quoted in recent Stuff article here and on exponential technology here. 

Free social enterprise, charity and other resources here.

Oct 15, 2018

Dr Pleayo Tovaranonte explains the social enterprise Beyond the Stethoscope that he co-founded sending Doctors to other parts of the world.  We also discuss his many other entrepreneurial adventures, such as his work with REV3 Tech on new technology to sell apartments with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality...

Oct 8, 2018

Two former podcast guests have become great friends in the last year and as I respect each of them so highly I invited them to come back and chat about whatever they wanted - I knew the quality would be superb and so on this episode they offer their unique perspectives on the West, the future, holding hands,...

Oct 4, 2018

This is a short talk given to about 50 people who were all involved as board members and so was sharing a list of top 10 tips for good governance.  Thought some of you would be interested in these as well.  My voice barely made it through!  

Here is the actual more detailed content and list that is discussed (with...

Oct 1, 2018

Cheryl is a leadership futurist and expert in education and in this interview we combine the two into a far reaching discussion about what is to come in relation to the future of learning.  We also talked about her background as a school principal, the impact of a child dying of abuse on an entire school community,...

Sep 24, 2018

Simon fled Rwanda aged 16 in 1994 and never saw his home again.  This is one of those really deep episodes where we really explore what it even means to be human and reflect on what is important in life.  In this interview we talk about his experience of being a refugee, what it is like to have your identity stripped...